WinterPark Engineering Joins the Burke Porter Group

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Burke Porter Group, a leading global supplier of intelligent testing instrumentation and assembly systems and solutions, completed the acquisition of WinterPark Engineering LLC in September of 2018. WinterPark is now among 12 specialty manufacturers beneath the Burke Porter Group (BPG) umbrella. Each BPG brand has capabilities ranging in advanced manufacturing, advanced vehicle test, and life science solutions.

WinterPark Engineering is now part of the Burke Porter Group, a global leader in testing systems and solutions

Together, WinterPark and BPG have over 75 years of combined automotive industry experience working with a long list of car manufacturers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. WinterPark’s experience with OBD and emission certification directly complements BPG’s laboratory and emission testing machinery. By integrating PVE testing into the BPG suite of end-of-line (EOL) systems, WinterPark can help clients demonstrate the ability of their OBD systems to perform properly on a production vehicle and catch legislative diagnostic issues before they leave the production facility.

PVE testing is one of many testing solutions that WPE offers to customers

Both WinterPark and BPG contribute toward advancements in the automotive industry. Zero emission vehicles (ZEV) which are growing in popularity currently do not have OBD emission regulations, however, as the fully-electric vehicles become more prominent, WinterPark will support regulators such as California Air Resources Board (CARB) to respond with mandated generic standardized scan tool communication for all ZEVs.

WinterPark Engineering has worked with customers around the globe for their certification requirements

In addition to the growth of ZEV and advancing technologies, WinterPark also provides services for manufacturers of gasoline, diesel, alternative fuels, and hybrid electric vehicles, including Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV). As regulations for vehicles become more stringent and transportation technology advances, WinterPark will continue to deliver their industry-leading experience to customers in need now with the global support of the Burke Porter Group.