The WinterPark Logo

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We wanted to take this time to shift away from our accustomed blogs and share with our audience the meaning and history behind our logo along with how it has evolved over our 15+ years of existence. WinterPark Engineering LLC was founded in October of 2006. Our President and, at the time, owner wanted a compelling logo to portray his current and future goals for the company. Our first logo, shown below, was designed to implement his goals and ambitions for the company.

Logo One (2006 – 2017) The design process for a company’s logo is a very detailed and important step to take when starting a business. You want to design a logo that stands out in a crowd. Something that is unique, but also not too hard on the eyes. Our original logo was founded in 2006 and was the face of our company through 2017. It was a look that our founder was proud of and gained a lot of respect over for 11 years. The logo included a mountain, a compass, and our name in bold green lettering. Each element of the logo possesses its own specific meaning. The visible snow-capped mountain and green bold lettering were representations of smog free clean air. The compass on the far-left side represents the engineering that is embedded into the creation and operation of our company. Lastly, our company name is a personal touch by our president that shares his desire to live in the mountains one day.

Logo Two (2018) In 2018, our founder wanted to revamp our company’s logo and integrate some change. The change was to help simplify and shorten the overall appearance of the logo. This is when we simplified our look by dropping the mountain and compass altogether and went with our initials. It was modified in order to re-grab the attention of our audience and customers around the world. This new appearance to the logo was well accepted by our audience.

Logo Three (2019 – Present) At the end of 2018, WinterPark Engineering was purchased by the Burke Porter Group. Nothing changed from a company perspective, but it was requested that we take on an improved logo design that would coincide with the change of ownership. Simplifying and condensing the logo was still the goal. Therefore, in 2019, we took our original logo and modified it while keeping the original meaning. Our current logo contains a continuous WinterPark green mountain range that shows not only our goal to continue striving for cleaner air but also that our company will continue supporting our customers and help them navigate the future of OBD.