The Industries We Serve

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At WinterPark Engineering LLC we are helping more than just the automotive industry to navigate various On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) requirements. As emission and OBD standards continue to evolve, more and more industries are being required to meet various levels of OBD standards. WinterPark stays up to speed on the changing OBD requirements in order to properly inform and aide clients at every step. People often ask if our only focus is the automotive industry. The answer is absolutely NOT! Below is a list of all the industries we serve:

1.  Automotive:  The automotive industry still makes up the majority of our work. This includes light-medium duty gasoline and diesel vehicles, alternative fuel, hybrids (including plug in vehicles), and fully electric vehicles (EV). This has by no means been a limiting factor in WinterParks ability to serve other industries. In fact, the knowledge we have gained in the auto industry over the last few decades has prepared us to better help industries that are just being introduced to OBD. The lessons learned from the auto industry are key to our success when it comes to alternative industries.    

2.  Heavy Duty:  The heavy duty industry covers a wide range of larger vehicles that have on and off-road use. Examples include: dump-trucks, semi-trucks, school buses and much more. These are mainly diesel vehicles, but we have also worked with some alternative fueled vehicles such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). WinterPark works with several heavy duty manufacturers to help with their certification needs.  

3.  Motorcycle:  The motorcycle industry covers on and off-road applications ranging from street and race bikes to dirt bikes. Tighter regulations are quickly emerging within this industry as OBD gains a greater presence on all newer on-road motorcycles. WinterPark has already helped one manufacturer obtain OBD certification in Europe for several 2021MY (model year) products and at the same time prepared them for the upcoming CARB requirements for 2024MY. We purchased a motorcycle dyno in 2018 so we can better serve our motorcycle customers with calibration and testing.

4.  Industrial:  Industrial machinery includes all off-road and stationary vehicles utilized for the picking up and/or depositing of shipments. Some applications of industrial vehicles can be found in fields such as farming (tractors/combines), powered industrial trucks (forklifts), and construction (excavators/diggers). Depending on the vehicle, application, and market the OBD regulations are varying and could fluctuate. We recently supported a manufacturer with European OBD certification for a telehandler application.

5.  Marine:  Marine/watercraft is an area where WinterPark has had a great deal of previous OBD experience. These types of applications include boats, ships, and submarines. As technology continues to evolve, the marine industry is not to be forgotten. Hybrid inboard and outboard engines are in the works for watercrafts and that means new territory for OBD. Since hybrid systems require more complex diagnostics and monitoring, OBD will become more relevant as these applications hit the market.

6.  Government and Military:  The field of government and military applications include all vehicles pertaining to military and government use. A couple examples are police cars, military carriers, tanks, etc. WinterPark has worked with government vehicles more recently than military, but the regulations continue to change for both.

As you can see there are many industries that WinterPark Engineering serves (Automotive, Heavy Duty, Motorcycle, Industrial, Marine and Government/Military). The regulations and laws are continually being updated for each industry; therefore, it is important to understand what rules they need to abide by even as many of these machines go fully electric. WinterPark is already working with manufacturers on hybrid and fully electric vehicles, so we are very experienced in this area as OBD regulations continue to unfold.