The Benefits of Owning a Motorcycle Dyno

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A little-known fact about WinterPark Engineering is that they perform motorcycle testing to help manufacturers achieve On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) compliance.  A couple years ago, WinterPark purchased a SuperFlow CycleDyn chassis dynamometer to enhance their motorcycle testing services.   WinterPark could have simply rented time on a motorcycle dyno or performed all testing on public roads, but there are several benefits that come with owning a private motorcycle dyno.

  1. Financial Savings.  Renting a motorcycle dyno can be very expensive.  Most companies will charge hourly rates for use of their dynos, that is, IF you are able to find one to use in the first place.  Then comes negotiations on who uses it and how it will be used.  In some cases, companies will only allow their own qualified people to operate the dyno, meaning the charge for that dyno time will be much higher since an operator has to be paid as well.  Additionally, any special pieces of equipment that must be used will also require more time and cost.  WinterPark Engineering is one of only a handful of companies that own a motorcycle dyno in the state of Michigan.
  1. Avoiding delays.  Weather (especially in Michigan) is highly unpredictable!  You never know if it is going to snow or rain, be sunny or cloudy, or a mixture of a few.  The dyno gives WinterPark and their customers the ability to test year-round with a consistent environment that provides more stable and accurate readings when the weather does not permit outdoor riding.  Given that there are only a few months where on-road testing can be done in Michigan and other surrounding states, the dyno provides a huge advantage to maintain testing timelines and schedules.
  1. Safety.  Another benefit to having an in-house dyno is that it allows WinterPark to perform specific types of testing that would not be safe while driving on a busy road.  Not only is it difficult to balance and run a computer at the same time, but it is not safe.  On the dyno however, since the bike is stationary and strapped down, specific computer calculations and calibrations can be performed while the bike is running on the dyno. This allows for specific tests to be developed and then moved to on-road simulation as opposed to trying to develop these tests while driving on the road.  The dyno allows certain test cycles (like the WMTC) to be performed safely with a driver trace software program.
  1. Proper setting for alterations and repairs.  Testing on a dyno also allows for quick repairs, whether expected or unexpected.  Often during specific testing, parts may need to be removed and replaced by altered ones OR sometimes parts simply malfunction.  When testing on a dyno, the test can be stopped and the part replaced often without even removing the bike from the dyno.  When road testing, the bike would have to be driven (or towed) back to the shop for repairs.  The dyno provides a safe and clean environment to perform repairs or updates with much less down time.
  1. Convenience.  Owning a dyno comes with the convenience of being able to perform last minute or random spot tests for manufacturers when questions arise throughout the project.  If an emergency comes up and testing needs to be performed, there is much less delay.  It also provides the opportunity to easily validate changes made by the customer.  An example would be when a certain calibration value is changed and needs to be verified.  This means that within the same day (in any weather conditions), the customer can make a change and have it verified by WinterPark.  This saves time and money!
  1. Manpower saved.  Another benefit of owning a motorcycle dyno is the elimination of having multiple staff members for testing.  When only having on-road testing, a team needs to be assembled to ensure testing on public roads and data collection is being performed safely.  Having a dyno provides the opportunity to cut back on manpower needed.  This translates into savings for the customer.

Owning a motorcycle dyno has been very beneficial and it has allowed WinterPark to give the most support and flexibility to its client projects.  The financial savings, avoiding delays, safety, a proper setting for alterations and repairs, convenience and the manpower saved are just a few of benefits that come with owning a motorcycle dyno.