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Vehicle Calibration

We have the knowledge and capability to perform all of our customers OBD calibration needs.

Gasoline & Diesel Vehicle Calibration

Proper vehicle calibration requires a good understanding of how the engine controller works and how the diagnostics are designed.  WinterPark has calibrated many OBD system on various powertrain control systems for both gasoline and diesel vehicles. We have the expertise to perform full vehicle OBD calibration.

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Vehicle Calibration - Gasoline & Desiel


Vehicle Calibration - Gasoline & Desiel

Calibration includes:

  • OBD function development
  • OBDI (electrical) diagnostic development
  • OBDII (major monitors) diagnostic development and emission testing
  • Diagnostic evaluation with implanted fault
  • Scan tool communication
  • In Use Monitoring Performance Ratio reporting
  • Development of full useful life catalyst
  • Fault path management
  • Validation plan development and execution
  • Data analysis