Motorcycle Testing

We work with motorcycle customers to help certify with current European regulations and prepare them for the requirements that are in development by CARB.





On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) testing will be required for all motorcycles in the United States by model year 2024. The California Air Recourses Board (CARB) has been in the process of evaluating the current European regulations and deciding how they want to create the US motorcycle regulations. CARB is currently testing motorcycles and collecting data to gain a better understanding of what they plan to make mandatory. A scenario that manufactures are hopeful for is that CARB decides to harmonize with the European regulations to make both similar.


We have been working with motorcycle cliental and have been using our in-house dyno to calibrate and test their OBD diagnostics for certification in Europe. Having our own dyno gives us the flexibility to test as needed. When customers find issues in the field we can quickly pinpoint the problem and come up with a solution, without waiting to book dyno time at another facility. Lastly, having a dyno also gives us the ability to test year round and avoid letting weather conditions dictate our testing schedule.

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