How can WinterPark Help Reduce CARB Q&A?

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Since the California Air Resources Board (CARB) was founded in 1967, there have been numerous steps and details that have been added to the certification process.  All manufacturers must follow these steps before obtaining approval by the Executive Officer (EO).  One important part of the process is the time required for questions, from CARB, regarding the manufacturers application.  This step is known as CARB Q&A (question and answer).

With all the different steps to certification, many manufacturers forget that their documentation will be reviewed in detail by CARB.

What is CARB Q&A?  During the review process, if there is something CARB engineers do not understand or wish to learn more about, CARB will put together a list of questions for the manufacturer.  These questions can be regarding any part of the documentation submitted, and it is up to the manufacturer to answer these questions thoroughly enough to satisfy CARB staff.  Depending on the amount of questions asked and the level of detail provided in the answers, this Q&A process can be short or sometimes very lengthy.  This detailed review by CARB is to confirm that each application has met all regulation standards and requirements to obtain approval.

WinterPark will help save time and avoid possible production delays

How can WinterPark help reduce CARB Q&A? WinterPark will take an unbiased review of your documentation and provide a pre-CARB review.  Before submitting to CARB, our goal is to find issues and areas of improvement in the documentation to minimize time spent on CARB Q&A.  Through many years of helping the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) obtain On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) certification with CARB, WinterPark engineers understand the types of questions CARB will most likely ask. WinterPark aims to help our customers be prepared with the data and background information to answer those questions properly and quickly.  The relationship WinterPark has established with CARB staff, over the past ten plus years, gives us the unique ability to anonymously ask CARB questions on behalf of a manufacturer. This ability will help determine CARBs insight on a topic during development.  Having WinterPark go through with a pre-review will not only save time during Q&A, but will also avoid potential concerns or deficiencies.  No documentation is ever perfect, but WinterPark can help save time during the certification process and avoid potential production delays caused by a lengthy OBD certification process.